USP conducts a “Scientific Turn”

17 Oct

With over 300 free activities, today and tomorrow (17 and 18/10) the first editionViradaCientífica of Scientific Turn (Virada Científica) na  upset held this year 2015.

The event is a partnership between the Dean of Culture and University Extension (PRCEU) and the Ministry of Science of Brazil, Technology and Innovation will offer, within 24 hours.

According to Eduardo Cooli, general big news event coordinator is in Praça do Relógio (Clock Square), located in center of University City, with circus workshops and performances starring the Circusp, with the intention of creating a larger movement in this square which is quite central.

There shall also Ciencidade Stage, where there will be some attractions like “Do skate the visual arts”, “Cancer: learn to control” and others.All eight USP units will have activities: São Carlos, Bauru, Pirassununga and Lorraine in the capital are included units of EACH (School Of Arts, Science and Humanities) and the Casa de Dona Yaya.

I will be giving a lecture on “Operation and peculiarities of Social Networks” the 17 hours in the Geoscience Institute at 17 hours.


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