4K TVs or OLED?

28 Oct

The new TVs that star in the market are OLED (Organic LED – Light Emitting Diode)4kOLED and UHD (ultra) 4K (resolution 3840 × 2160 points), which in fact is the advantage of each?

When released the prices were prohibitive in Brazil but already falling approach of Full HD TVs and promise to retire them, perhaps along with the analog to be disabled already from next year.

Experts 4K is a noticeable limit to another human.

The TV 4K is an increment (update) in the technology of digital TVs with the increment of pixels (picture elements), or points on the screen, the miniaturization technology, while the OLED is in fact a new technology does not require ” Rear little lights “because they are LEDs.

With this the OLED screen and the TV thus are thinner, also allow curved screens such as LG, announced in 2014 in this blog site as the first in Brazil.

The “organic” of the OLED is formed by carbon compounds, emitting its own light and therefore are mild and well final.

The OLED may have to 4K resolution and therefore is competitive, and is expected to soon we have already OLED 8K, but the fight is on price, screen OLEDs curve 55 “are between 5000 and 10,000 reais ( or more), the 4K 2,900 reais to 7,000 reais


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