Internet of Things in practice

05 Nov

Three solutions demonstrate how to use in practice the second IoTClimateHouse (Internet of Things) Gateways Solutions, publican in the IDGNOW online magazine.

The first is the automation climates in homes, Automated Greenhouse Climate Control, built using multiple systems, depends on the minimum of human intervention, the system called Edge Analytics allows the climate control of a fully autonomous greenhouse allowing maximum convert both for plants, like animals and people, the conversation between the computers systems is made from results of Cloud Analytic and communication through Secure API, aiming to maximize production gain and comfort with monitoring and adjusting indoor climate, decreasing in the case of production costs.

The second is being presented today at the Transport fair Telematics & Fleet Management, which is software installed on trucks which makes it possible in addition to monitoring and position of the vehicle, perform real-time diagnostics of machine condition and can warn the driver and provide maintenance preventive vehicle, equipment Secure API is responsible for collecting, exchanging and sharing data of truck fleet with the center.

The third is a system for smart homes, called Yoga Smart Home, which connects to almost anything: Security detectors wired or wireless, cameras, thermometers, sockets and intelligent lights, entertainment systems, locks and appliances, enabling monitoring of devices from connecting to the internet.



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