Everything is obvious, if you know

11 Mar

Duncan J. Watts is author known networks because their work on how networks


function, an essential aspect is that the six degrees of freedom, whereby through six degrees of connection, we are connected to all, depending of course on the insertion any network, there are those invisible that are not seen by any network.

His book Everything is obvious, since you know the answer (as common sense deceives us), gives clues to a new way of thinking, published in 2011 had a translation of Peace and Earth in 2015, explains the misconceptions about future.

Explains that contemporary rationalization is beneficial, but it can lead to misunderstandings “. The implicit belief that people are rational until proven otherwise is an optimistic belief, even sensible to be encouraged” (WATTS, 2015 pp . 47)

The basic problem is when we want to pass it to people: “However, exercise to rationalize the behavior overshadows an important difference between what we mean when we talk about” understand “human behavior, as opposed to the behavior of electrons, proteins or planets.” (WATTS, 2015, pp. 47)

And clarifies that being a network, can not be confused with these electrons or proteins, “But none are expected to understand how to be an electron – no doubt, even the notion of such an expectation is laughable.” (WATTS, 2015 pp. 48)

This is where media networks (which are technologies) can affect people (that are connected through the media).


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