DIY is a cultural change

25 Jun

Perhaps even incomprehensible, but the movement “do it yourself”FuturoJa (DIY, in english) which appeared in the 90s, including Brazil having to magazines: DIY repairs, decoration, children, parties, etc. now reappears with force even in schools with the use of electronic devices and 3D printers in “makerspaces” according to Business Insider.


The stimulus comes from networks like HGTV and DIY, also on sites like Pinterest, but there are endless lessons on Youtube and other tools: how to make certain dishes, make bread with natural yeast, change your environment with sticky material, etc.


Elementary school to high, college and being able to go further, schools are finding new ways to use 21st century technology to bring back to the room a new, more demanding and proactive generation earlier, light is a fact, there who says otherwise, but it is purely by not knowing how to deal with the news.


Technologies that comes to the aid are fantastic, from the ever popular 3D printers (at least in the European and American market) to access to innovative technologies such as laser cutters, which are sprouting in the classroom prototypes and inventions.
Pacesetter schools will appropriating this new style, come to introduce even control mechanism with the Arduíno programming models and interfaces increasingly creative and facilitative automations.
They will find a way to criticize, but the future has now arrived in the classroom


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