Epitrack: Health crowdsourcing

06 Jul

After a master’s degree at Fiocruz and your advisor of Recife, created naEpitrack application that through collaborative environment can help detect epidemics and work to public health.


Epitrack (epi of epidemic and track for tracker in English) is the name of a software made by Onício Grandson associated with his teacher William Lichand founded a company founded in 2013 and today has 13 employees and reached gross sales R $ 2.5 million in 2015, using the collaborative potential of the internet for health.


The company creates applications to detect disease outbreaks even before the health authorities, and seeks to help improve public policies with automated messages also called voice applications, those in which the user responds by using a key sequence.

The company now exposes the American market trying to expand its range, the software is a finalist in the competition The Venture, you can vote in the application site.


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