Blockchain lever virtual currency

13 Jul

Similar to Bitcoin, but safer the bitcoin can be one of the next waves of theBlockChain virtual world, remember the vulnerabilities and several blows that almost took the Bitcoin to disrepute.


Any company needs to have an account with transaction records, is what makes the Blockchain creating a virtual book for these records, through a database that tracks distributed transactions, which precludes the use of the same coin for more than one transaction, giving greater transparency and safety, regardless of the currency and the value used, addresses the major frauds carried out in the past with the BitCoin.


To understand this we must understand how the assets of any financial transaction and that should be updated and made available to regulators and that gives the same credibility of a coin that has the equivalent in value in a normal Bank, fixed assets called fixed assets (real estate, consumables, etc.).


So is something more significant that the credit money or paper, but is not called plastic money (a chip with a value that will want when worn), it is not simply money because is built on it the entire value of “active” and could represent a major shift on how we think the economy and his own money.


In fact the money is something virtual, different from the misuse that makes the term as it is possible possession of certain goods by a corresponding you must work, asset or credit, this is the difference now: the assets.


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