Augmented reality already in schools

23 Aug

The technology used by game Pokemon Go is already in many elementarySmartChart schools, augmented reality has been used to teach mathematics and geometry.

The system uses a made in augmented reality object and the software through a camera does appear on the computer screen a 3D element that students can follow the projection of the image on the screen from the wall.

In real classroom the teacher is second only a flat piece with a cube design, but on the screen of projection appears a 3D geometric element, seeing the constructed image is easier to just use your imagination to understand the geometric operations.

The Bandeirantes Vila Mariana´s College in São Paulo (South Zone) has adopted augmented reality and plan to use the resource in a multidisciplinary project from September.

But the goal goes further with a kind of home treasure throughout the school where the student sees the tablet in code spread across various parts of the school, and can conduct educational activities more playful mood.

The college Dante Alighieri, in the Jardins (West |one of São Paulo city), sent a message to parents alerting the exclusive use of the applications and not others “if demand is not strictly educational”, as published in newspapers of.

An application for adults is the Star Chart, available for Androids and iOS when open he sees aa star letter pointing your smartphone or table to heaven, the application will inform you that the stars or planets you have in the right direction even during the day when the stars are in heaven it is impossible to be seen, and it can extend up to 10,000 light years, so you can see nebulae and distant galaxies.


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