Smartphones catch fire?

11 Oct

No, of course great care must be taken as not to leave for long time in the making,samsungnote avoid turning on when there is too much variation in voltage, etc. but recently it happened some cases that drew attention.
The mobile technology Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in the US, despite the company having made a great product recall last month, and the case drew the attention of the company.
As the Commission of American Security Consumer Products (CPSC, acronym in English), in an official report last month (15/09) 26 incidents with burns had occurred in the United States, and the alert was triggered.
Complaints started happening last month, and were sales were immediately suspended in the 10 markets where it already sold, but Brazil had not yet received the product.
Samsung has received 92 reports of batteries overheating in the US, of which 26 are reports of burns and other 55 material damage, like fires in cars or garages, the CPSC advised consumers to switch off appliances.
Prior to these reports the number set of fire in smartphones in the world could not reach a dozen and many were cases of misuse, leave plenty of time plugged in or high voltage variations, it is not to cause any alarm.



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