The Web can change more?

24 Oct

The new changes around parallel institutions, we will comment one of them today, JQuery, seems tojscript point to deeper changes in the Web 3.0 Web (linked data) and Web 4.0 (intelligent agents).

JQuery went on to become Founding JS, to support and governance to the projects that are developed from JavaScript, the Foundation is an initiative Linux but with companies like IBM, Samsung and Sauce Labs and many others.

The Executive Director of JS, Kris Borchers, stated that “for a long time, we have offered support to the JQuery community, and the new brand aims to reflect this reality,” but now according to his words, “Center of gravity” is the open standard JavaScript.

The changes will come because the projects (23 total), among them the test frameworks Appium and Mocha, the Dojo Toolkit, linting utility (verification code to identify errors and problems) ESLint, JerryScript.

This new institution will promote widespread adoption and permanent solutions development JavaScript, and related technologies, facilitating collaboration with the community.

The founding members of JS, as former members of the JQuery, were IBM, Samsung, Sauce Labs, Bocoup, Ripple, Sense Tecnic Systems, SitePen, StackPath, the University of Westminster and the WebsiteSetup.

The Brazil has a very active JS community and his designs can be seen on its site.


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