3-year digital currency

16 Nov

The data is an IBM research, more than market share through the NASDAQacaso stock exchange, where electronic and digital stocks are already glimpsed as if they were commodities (in fact, this special type of stock market is characterized by By bringing together high-tech companies in electronics, IT, telecommunications, biotechnology, etc.), it seems that Blockchain has come to stay.
According to a study by IBM, most Blockchain trading solutions are already being adopted by banks and financial institutions, it is likely that in three years it will exceed the 50% mark and can reach 65% of the business, which is a new business model of this sector.
The research is demarcated into two parts, revealing that 16% of the banks and 14% of the financial institutions that were part of the research guarantee that they intend to implement several Blockchain solution services on a large scale.
For banks, the survey showed that 65% expect to have solutions in 3 years, with a slightly slower adoption and cautious, and although they may have setbacks, the report pointed out that “These pathfinders are better positioned against the competition, which includes Companies that have been born disruptive, such as the Fintechs “, so this adoption of digital coins is practically inevitable.
The survey also pointed out that the number of adoption increases when we think of payments in retail (80%) and loan (79%), since digital platforms are available for these two types of financing.
The research points out that organizations expect that the benefits brought by
As for the public, since the barriers that prevent the fastest evolution of technology are the regulatory restrictions (56%), technological immaturity (54%) and return on investment (52%), despite the technological gap, numbers already give the majority .


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