Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence and God

24 Nov

We continue reading Peter Kreeft, now the interlocutor of Sócrates,dedodedeusia Peter Pragma is urgently to solve his problem of profession and seeks Socrates.

Peter started his philosophy classes and the teacher asked the question: what is the difference between human intelligence and computer intelligence, this is what the idea of going into computing referred to, we are on page 55, to which Socrates asked:

SOCRATES: You want to become a computer program, you mean? For the only thing that goes into computers. It’s the only language computers understand.

The teacher has thrown this question that Socrates considers it easy to answer, but Peter does not want any evasion, and Socrates goes straight to the point:
SOCRATES: Artificial intelligence can not do what your natural intelligence has just done.

 PETER: What?

SOCRATES: She keeps doing it.

PETER: Oh … oh. Asking questions, that’s it.

SOCRATES: Congratulations. You find the treasure.

Peter and Socrates are talking and realize that the very origin of sophisticated programs, such as artificial intelligence, should be spoken of in “people” and not just in machines.
But what is the beginning of all this? First we need an unscheduled programmer, or a programmer who can question your schedule, there is an initial piece of dominoes.
PETER: This sounds like a new argument for the existence of God.

SOCRATES: The same principle works in one case as in the other. It is the principle of causality, which says that you can not give what you do not have, that effects can not exist without proper causes, that there can be no less in the total cause than in the effect.

PETER: I do not know about God. Let’s talk about something we know: ourselves.

SOCRATES: Something you know, maybe. As for me, I find myself a mystery, just as I find God a mystery.

Peter will remember Socrates’ phrase: “Know thyself,” and say,
PETER: Why is it so difficult to know yourself, Socrates?

SOCRATES: Because the self is the knower himself. How can the subject become his own object? How can I become this? That’s why I also think God is a mystery. The human self is an image of the divine Self.

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