Reddit will control Trolling

06 Dec

Trolling is a term used for various forms of aggression via the Web, among themreddit rumors, lying versions of real facts, practices of bullying, etc.

The Reddit website announced last Wednesday announcing several reforms aimed at identifying and repressing trolling by punishing the most abusive members of this community called “toxic”, according to CEO Steve Huffman.

 More than a hundred such users have been identified, a featured community is The_Donald, in support of US-elect Donald Trump, as a center of controversy over reports that use aggressive tactics to push pro -Trump to the top of the searches on the site.

Given the recent controversy over the election, many users have shied away from civilian gestures, and Huffman himself has been attacked personally, which has been reissuing posts to prevent further attacks by users of users who have been hit.

Reddit’s latest move reflects the idea of greater interaction and serendipity, that is, working in a more convergent sense, where trolls are treated as a serious global problem.

The changes are intended to mark a significant change in the sense of self-policing, limited to community moderators and community people without autocratic or external interference through political bodies outside the community.

The mechanisms have been online forums, with voluntary moderators who oversee the sub-reddits who maintain peace and hold supposed trolls in checks, so conversations will be monitored conversations directly and to the extent that something is considered abusive, moderators intervene direct.







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