Is Star Wars worth seeing?

19 Dec

Rogue One: A Star Wars story, the newest movie in the series is making its debutjedi on Brazilian screens, the story is pretty simple: the Alliance is formed to try to steal the plans of the Death Star and bring new hope to the galaxy, right here On Earth we need it.
I went to see, had the first expectation that it is not an isolated episode, Princess Leia that holographic broadcast reappears, the already anticipated participation in the Darth Vader trailer, but there are new characters like the Imperial robot K-2SO: a reprogrammed cyborg that speaks everything that comes to his mind, reminds one of the world of politics?
There is also Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) who grew up under the care of the rebel and daughter of the death star’s chief engineer, alongside Cassian (Diego Luna) an Alliance spy, Chirrut (Donnie Yen), a blind warrior who believes In the Force with a religious fervor (impresses even though not a Jedi), Baze (Wen Jiang), protector and partner of Chirrut, and Bodhi (Riz Ahmed), a former pilot of the Empire.
I was watching the 3D version, the special effects really are worth it, Roque One has more action for fans of the genre, Wars actually for now was not exactly war, having more “terrestrial” approaches, being more daring and technically better done.
If this was not clear in previous films, the film “more terrestrial” is because there are scenes that reminds of D-Day, the invasion of soldiers on European beaches (of course in the space film), and also some scenes reimply to the conflicts of the East Medium, well to the global war standard of the American warmonger vision.
Perhaps this praise is also a criticism, but only for those who do not imagine that it has always been behind this series and other American warmongering, but ideology aside, the film is worth, as promised the best of the series.
Are you going to have Oscar? After Mad Max last year, this until it deserves more.




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