CES 2017 started

06 Jan

The largest electronics fair in the world, which marks the 50th anniversary, started with qledmore than 20,000 products to be launched, the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017 can be accessed by some sites that are broadcasting it live, of course some events, because the The event is an immense courtyard larger than the Anhembi Park Exposition of São Paulo.

Some products have come before in the market, Amazon’s Echo, for example, was a Christmas phenomenon and the sale sold out the week before the parties, the suggestive name is because you enter your home and an echo answers you, a Devices.

Samsung has launched, for example, a vacuum cleaner that connects to the Alexa system, but it has its own voice system that is SmartThings.

New TVs with advanced 4K OLED technology (called QLED by the definition of colors), and medium smatphones like the Samsung A7 (5.7 inch screen), A5 (5.2 inches) and A3 (4.7 inches) are trends.

The wearable ones, which began with the pluggable clocks, now go to other products like a scarf that measures and filters the pollution and can even connect to a sound amplifier (launch of the LG) that is in front of the neck, we remember that in the northern hemisphere it’s winter and here is summer

The drones are more accessible, simplified and modular, there is a curious launch of the GDU that can easily connect a camera to firm something near your home or explore a region where you are and make filming.

Another trend already clear is virtual reality and augmented, pokemons are just an application of this technology, the Oculus Rift glasses, the market since 2013 and the Playstation VR are already there, now the promise is a technology incorporated into mobile phones and more friendly.

The cars without drivers are already there, last year the Bolt was a success, now new cars are being expected from Ford, Honda, Volks, Hyundai and Toyota.

Cyborgs and androids, still stand for science fiction, just cute little robots like Egg


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