New yahoo says what came

11 Jan

After the July 2016 sale of Yahoo to the Verizon digital electronics industry for $ 4.8 altababillion ($ 15 billion), now the first changes is announced, the most important is the departure of CEO Marissa Mayer, and the name that may be Altaba.

The move signaled the end of an era, as Yahoo, in addition to its services and billions of visitors per month, was responsible at the beginning of the Web for many people entering the network.

Now it is known that pieces of the new company Altaba, the name says a lot, will be in use by the mega-site sales Alibaba and the Japanese internet portal, so far called Yahoo Japan, but that could also be renamed.

With the departure of the CEO, the idea is to turn it into an investment site and a board of directors that will be reduced from 11 to 5 people, ensuring agility and good business.

The statements were not official, but since the data leak that occurred in December 2016, high around data of 1 billion users, that is, the largest in history, the cloud about the future of the company is undoing.

At this time and after a second leak the business almost backed down

This new investment model, that is, using websites and capturing resources in digital networks, can have an impact on the world market, even though governments go back to the previous model that was founded on companies having resources and jobs in the country itself.


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