Holography is here to stay

23 Jan

Holography has already come to stay, there are already projection techniques such Holograficouse of cubes or pyramids of glass (holographic glass) or without glasses (no glass), such as the photos on the side.
As it is always the aggressive gaming industry that first emerges with new technologies, it was thus the augmented reality with Pokemons, and now the holography with glasses and games in Windows Holographic VR headset (Virtual Reality) with the handset of 350 grams, 200 Grams less than the HTC VIVE, both scheduled to launch this year.
The information contained in
The Verge’s specialized website says that the design is comfortable on new Lenovo equipment using OLED panels with 1440×1440 resolution, more defined its Glasses Rift, but the prototype taken to the last CES 2017 event was not working (oh no!).
An important point is that its internal sensors allow the equipment is used if it is necessary to have an external detection camera; this is no small thing, since holographic environments with full immersion can arise from there.
The final price speculated on some sites, among them
The Verge is that it will be close to $ 300, which here would give something around the R $ 1 thousand brazilian reals, but with taxes it is known there for the ceiling that goes.



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