Free Databases

15 Feb

When more opensource databases grow, more companies covet this market, three competitor has great products: MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL.
Some obstacles always present is gaining trust among developers of these products in independent software producers, where a false idea works: what we pay is the best products.

On the other hand paid products developers, called proprietary software, is to use the advantages of this “free” market in their favor, for example, Microsoft’s SQL Server Express allows facilities for migration to its paid version, SQL Server Express, Also the generation and a database in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which is easy to be done can be easily converted to Access database, which comes bundled with your Windows package.

But the Bigdata concept, which requires NoSQL databases, are those where a collection of databases become so complex and bulky that it is very difficult (in many cases impossible) to do simple operations such as removal, sorting, and summarization using Systems Traditional Database Managers.

BigData also refer to unstructured data found in social media, is a direct consequence of Web 2.0 that has entered millions of users as producers of information, use NoSQL (Not only SQL) applications. NoSQL promoting a number of innovative storage solutions and high volume information.

These diverse solutions are being used very frequently in countless companies, such as IBM, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo! for the analytical processing of Web log data, conventional transactions, among many other tasks.

The DBMS has a consistency model strongly based on the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) transactional control, but this model is not feasible when distributed over several nodes, a typical case of networks (important here are networks and not media).

The model developed then must be another: CAP (Consistency, Availability and Partition tolerance) where generally only two of these 3 properties can be guaranteed simultaneously, which makes processing more difficult, but not if the database is “semi-structured”, this Is, to work with the principle that the data is not structured in the conventional formats of SQL banks.

Among the various existing NoSQL products, we can consider that the most representative is Apache Hadoop, today there is a version adapted for the Web, called Handoop 2.0.
There are other products, among them HBase which is a distributed database, column-oriented, uses the Google BigTable model and is written in Java, and another is open-source software like Apache Cassandra (originally developed for Facebook).

HBase is an open-source distributed column-oriented database, modeled from Google BigTable and written in Java.

There are simple interfaces to SQL as associative arrays or key-value pairs, as well as standards for native XML databases supported by the XQuery standard.

A language that was developed for the Semantic Web is the SPARQL (Protocol and RDF Query Language) that has aided the growth of linked data clusters


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