Art that reeducates the look

22 Mar

Whenever we look at certain scenes and public places we see something beyondCowParade the real, it is our imaginations that recall our memory and our fantasy about that place, it was easier to do this in the old days because there was a little poetry and art in the air, and now?

Well the digital world, demonized by some and still misunderstood by many analysts, everything takes a time of maturation, already has several facilities and news.

This is the case of the artist and photographer Gerson Turelly, whose design Gordinhasand OlharNovodigital manipulation were made in Israel, but most of the sights with virtual

imagination are from Brazil.

His project has the name of “Looks New” and as he says the goal is “to create a playful connection with the baggage of memories of each individual in relation to the spaces and sights of his city.”

You can follow the creative work on the artist’s website, where you will get more information about this project, such as the process you use in composing your creations.

It is in my opinion a reinvention of works that we already know as the “chubby” of Salvador, works by the plastic artist Eliana Kértsz, where the variations are arms, legs, cheeks full of curves and volume.

Also called the “Cow Parade”, or “cow parade”, which ran the world, but in each city allowed its visual communication with the space, for example in several tourist points of Belém the cows made of fiberglass that were Customized by selected regional artists, and had Fafá de Belém (she is brazilian singer) as godmother.

The interactive and participative enter into the imaginary of contemporary art, and it is Art.


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