Civilization night

24 Mar

In theory a lot of theoretical and even human development has already NoiteHumanidadebeen done, but even so, mankind has patinated in various fields: cultural, moral and even religious; Of course I speak of an ontological discourse in the three areas and not the Enlightenment discourse.
There is a cultural night of humanity, even the most optimistic also know this because culture has become vulgarized, little reading and overly ideologized interpretations create a barrier between true cultural, which includes the popular if not mere elitism, and common sense.
I have seen curious compliments to Bertrand Russell recently, one who in his own autobiography describes himself to a liberal, a socialist and pacifist, with no deep conviction in any of them, but loose sentences, coupled with the fact that he spoke against the Vietnam War and helped To intervene in missile crises in Cuba, otherwise it is a formal logicism and nothing more.
In the moral field what to say, this is not Brazil where this crisis has reached deeper proportions, but we see that the world scenario is not so different, see for example the South Korean prime minister who has turned away for crimes that In Brazil they would be small, and according to two former presidents, one on each side to be fair, are “relative.”
And there are still decent people out in defense of these, so stealing is no longer a sin.
But the religious night, or confusion between those who believe in God, may be for those who are religious the most difficult and the most disastrous, as the prophet Ezekiel said (Jer 7: 24-25):
“But they did not listen and did not pay attention; On the contrary, following the evil inclinations of the heart, they have walked backward and not forward from the day that their fathers went out of Egypt to this day. “Of course he spoke of his time, but the reading is current and To the present day, because the gospel message is also diverted to political or ideological goals.
In the time of Lent, few are on the way to a conversion, feel ready and fully convinced of the divine reality, that no matter how much we know it, it projects itself to the infinite and carrying to a true believer, it should know of its ignorance and little faith .
Three nights that are confused and intertwined, only among the humble people I see light, because it is precisely because they are divided around what should unite and unite around the division, for this was given the sentence: “Every kingdom divided against He himself shall be destroyed; And one house shall fall on top of the other. “(Luke 11: 2)


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