Contraceptive Billings 2.0

28 Mar

Our grandparents and the parents of the elders used the method basedtabelinha on control of the fertility cycle, popularly called the “board table” but the right name is Billings.

Now thanks to technology that combines very simple applications to be used in smartphones and intelligent algorithms that, with correctly fed data, can make a contraceptive control quite efficient, the method is already approved by authorities, for example, by the German Ministry of Health, But already widely used throughout Europe.

The application is called Natural Cycles, which is certified, as there are others, and has versions for Androids and iPhones.

The algorithm is much safer than the old table, because through intelligent algorithms and according to the menstrual period, they respect the fact that women’s cycles are different and few have a chance to get pregnant, they also use the principle, which strictly , Only in six days of the month is it possible for the woman to become pregnant. The algorithm and the application have also solved 20% of the cases in which women want to become pregnant, since it allows greater autonomy, knowledge and control of the women’s own body, besides not having any of the side effects of contraceptives.

To download the Natural Cycles app go to Google Play or the Apple Store, or click here.


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