The news of Motorola Razr is pitfail

03 Apr

The new model of Motorola Mobile, which had been sold to Google and now is Lenovo, is theMotoG5 Motorola Mobi, in fact it is a model called Motorola Mod.
Among the untrue about the Mod, any was presented in TecMundo, one is that it would have a cover that could also serve as wireless charger, extra battery and an LED giving different colors for the actions actions of the device, another fantasy is that could such Mod Razr , Would have a solar panel and a “walkie-talkie”.
What has actually been a contest including models to reach the market, it is not impossible that has some of the above features, but even if it is called Razr, there will be nothing nostalgic about the model, because technology like novelty.
While we are waiting for some news, we have already posted the Moto G5 models and the results indicate that they are gaining market, of course with specifications are Moto G4 Plus, but many people are still in doubt if it is worth because of the price of this fashion model.



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