Touchless beyond IoT

04 Apr

In addition to devices and sensors that allow the Internet of Things (IoT), touchless technology Touchless2predicts that anything touchable can trigger devices and controls in our environment, is the fiction of the 2002 Minority Report, now almost within reach.

In the film John Anderton related to databases through the holographic movement of hands with gestures and clicking on the air choosing elements for interaction.

As we move forward, cloud storage and intelligence linked to the data, sensing through gestures, it will soon be possible to communicate without a keyboard, without a mouse or sensors, just if we have some “wearable” equipment in our body: a clock , A bracelet, or even clothing that has Wifi or Bluetooth communication.

What is missing from the movie Minority Report are the holographic environments, how do we go about triggering them? Still the technology has advanced little in this direction, because they would be thousands of pixels (actually voxels, because they will be volumetric pixels) to be processed.

What is already available are projections on surfaces and cameras that capture the movements on these surfaces where we can touch switch images, and projected virtual control devices and camera captures, the future is there.

They will say that it is more of a barbarity, but as soon as the barbarians are launched they invade the market.

Let’s talk about the technologies that are already available.




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