Reasons for war

26 Apr

The reasons for the first and second war were national interests, the first the RazãoParaGuerraGerman attempt to isolate France, joining the Austro-Hungarian empire with which cultural ties are stronger and still courted Italy, France on the other hand reacted To the isolation making a military agreement with Russia since this one had interests and indeed it did, advancing on part of Germany and Hungary.

The second is more present in the heads of all, the axis formed by ultranationalist views of the state, Germany that advanced on Austria and subdued Poland, is aligned with fascist Italy and Japan, but the interests were not other But the national economic ones.

We see with concern the same ultranationalist models reborn, but behind this model, a little already surpassed by a globalized world, we have the war industry. A not-so-recent documentary on Why the Fight is quite enlightening, produced in the US in 2005 could be a defense of the country, but as much as national sentiment, the anti-war sentiment there is equally strong, remember the war Of Vietnam, how much protest it generated in the most enlightened sections of the population.

But the documentary does not leave aside the question of the common person: “why fight?”.

Theisdocumentary , released in January 2006 and a little later in Brazil, reviews US military investments in the last 50 years, but also brings interviews from academics and government officials to soldiers and Suffered the consequences of the war.

The document led by Eugene Jarecki, with his production and Susannah Shipman won several awards and is a sensible analysis at a time of new war possibilities.

Another important aspect of the film is its fidelity to the facts, as well as a daring analysis of everything behind the American war industry.

A good critical analysis is needed on the current problems with North Korea and Syria


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