Science and Epistemology

30 May

In a broad and philosophical episteme is a concept of what is real and true,Episteme so of scientific character, which opposes foolish and baseless opinions, comes from Greek philosophy, and especially from Platonism.
For a more or less consensual definition, in the scientific field, epistemology is the branch of philosophy that studies the origin, structure, methods, and validity of knowledge (hence also the philosophy of knowledge).
One can not fail to link it to metaphysics, logic to psychology
However this concept has varied forms, for example, according to Foucault (1926-1984) is a paradigm (therefore something to be investigated) according to which are structured, at a given time, multiple scientific knowledge, according to the specificities of their objects.
Another important methodological current that founds a modern spectrology of phenomenology, it gives importance to the phenomena of the conscience, which must be studied in themselves – all that we can know of the world sums up to these phenomena, these ideal objects that exist in the Each one designated by a word that represents its essence, its “meaning”.
One of the founders of phenomenology is Edmund Husserl (1985-9-1938), philosopher, logician and mathematician, who coined the word Lebeswelt (logic of life), from which he tried to reconcile the dualism between historicism and psychologism, though still attached to metaphysical concepts .
Father of social psychology, his volume of the Prolegomena, or “Logical Investigations” is a critique of psychologism, when affirming that an associative system can associate and dissociate at the same time, one can not think that A is “A” and at the same time think That A is “not A,” for it does not refer to the possibility of thinking, but to the truth of what is thought.
He will also criticize historicism, in his article Philosophy as a “rigorous science,” from 1910-11, which will later be taken up by Gadamer in his “The Question of Historical Consciousness.”


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