IoT and data security

21 Jun

Many aspects of data security have been developed, but there is a maxim of computingIoTSecurity that states that no system is totally secure, and if we anticipate an exponential growth of connections to the Internet of Things, it is a fact that the security problem also has a growth In this proportion.
While the world of IoT has arrived (smartphones, watches, TVs, cars, glasses and other gadgets, we can say that there is a really safe IoT platform with simple operations.
To the experts, one of these basic security features is data encryption, but it must be added to the Big Data treatment, since this for the current data volume is almost indispensable, with IoT being compulsory.
IoT devices transact tons of data, cryptography is already an obvious aspect of these data, but it is still rarely used, let alone if we think from end to end, ie from producer to consumer of data, and so IoT is more gloomy.
With the advancements in quantum computing, cryptography may also not be enough to protect vital data, since quantum computers can discover cryptographic keys even faster, and algorithms though efficient now, there is no totally secure, cryptographic keys with Use of quantum computing will be more quickly opened, and while most hackers do not have access to this level of computing we can be sure, but for how long?
We must begin by rethinking two issues, BigData’s data processing and quantum-computing cryptographic keys before these features are in the hands of hackers.
Privacy data, often vital for certain systems, are and will be in check more and more



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