The animation in the east

10 Jul

Even though internet video and online movie sales are increasing, such as Netflix,Naruto movies are still very strong even in countries where technology is cutting edge, such as Japanese cinema, with the box office of “Your Name” (Kimi no na wa), which reached 180 million viewers in 2016.
Besides the drawings of Mangá,
Digimon Adventure, Naruto, Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Cowboy Bebop, and other characters are also not far from the famous (among the young) , Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, The Knights of the Zodiac, Sakura, Hamtaro, Digimon, Beyblade and Inuyasha.
The drawings are very colorful, rich in detail, with elegant but original clothes, and although the stories are unreal (not to be confused with virtual ones), heroes take care of cities and value the imagination with special powers that attract children and adolescents in a World without utopias and fantasies, it is not possible to imagine the reason for such success.
The film, Kimi no na wa (His name), has grossed about $ 76 million in China since its December 2 debut,

Toho distributor Kimi No Na Wa said box office sales in China topped 9 billion yen, or about 76 million dollars, since its December 2 debut. 1 million dollars in conservative Thailand.
Directed by Makoto Shinkai, tells a love story of two young high school students, who exchange their bodies and start to live an adventure rich in fantasy and feelings, was launched in late 2016 in 91 countries, including France and Korea Of the South, but still no date for Brazil


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