The use of artificial intelligence for education

31 Jul

According to the report by the British publishing group Pearson, Artificial Intelligence will positively impact teaching in the coming years, says the text: “Imagine lifelong learning partners fueled by Artificial Intelligence that can accompany and support students throughout their studies – in and out of school – or new forms of assessment that measure learning while it is ongoing, shaping the learning experience in real time. ”

Those who are reluctant and even opposed to AI teaching argue that it automates and individualizes the learning process, and education would not be so, but there are many reasons to advocate this new support tool in class. In favor of using these tools, teachers will be able to evaluate the performance and supervision of each student’s learning in an individualized way, but this means that they will pay more attention to the weaknesses and, using statistical methods, to act and correct them more quickly and weaknesses.

As for the device, in addition to the training that Alexa personal assistants awaken, the learning of each student allows for the accumulation of data to give the teacher a more precise view of the student in the virtual space that helps the student’s intellectual evolution.

The questioning and discussions should be extended until machine learning is already so evolved that its presence in the educational process is irreversible.



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