Why an “epoch” is needed

05 Feb

Our whole way of looking at life is filtered by a worldview, a complex of values, family, social and religious education in a broad sense, that is, we all have some belief, or else we would have the whole explanation of the world about the puzzles nature, man and life. The pandemic could have chaged this worldview.

This “cosmological” view always implies (not nearly) pre-conceptual values, that is, how we classify the world, things and social ways of developing life, this worldview was called by Heidegger Weltanstchauung, the word is important because every translation is inaccurate.

In the ontological aspect that Heidegger drank, there is the phenomenology of Husserl, his teacher, and for him this was “the description of what appears” or “science that has as objective or project that description”, and for him it is itself a concept of method, which Hans Georg Gadamer later developed in “Truth and Method”.

However many drank from Husserl’s phenomenology, each in his own way, Karl Jaspers, Emmauel Levinas, Edith Stein, Jean Paul Sartre, Gabriel Marcel, Hans Georg Gadamer, Paul Ricoeur, Martin Buber, Nicolai Hartmann, Hans Jonas, and the one who turned it into Hans-Georg Gadamer philosophy.

The open sense of Being in Heidegger extrapolates the socio-political, biological or anthropological fields (for this reason it is ontological, or proper to Being), and the concept of Dasein means to be launched in the world while “ente” are things in different ways, that is, everything we say, feel, understand, behave in the final analysis what we “are”.

If we enter this clearing, the Being is also the one who needs help, healing, listening, a word of acceptance as the Being of the Ent, that is, in his functions as an experience.

Even though biblical exegesis considers all analysis of the sending of Jesus’ disciples to the world closed, go around the world and proclaim the good news and heal the sick, this care for others (in the broad sense of the word “heal”) also means openness, “Epoch” and transcendence.

Go around the world as a new worldview.



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