The cosmos and divine wrath

05 Mar

The rational / idealistic universe model was of a cosmos working like a clock, reality and the cosmos showed themselves beyond the idea of the modern ones (the Greek eidos is something else), it showed itself as a quantum model where there is a third included (model Barsarab / Lupasco) and in which time and space are no longer absolute and matter is energy.

Thus, the old harmony model was modified by current physics, called Standard Model Physics which, from particle physics, developed a unified model for the forces acting on matter, including the strong, weak and electromagnetic and gravitational forces unifying them quantum field theory, quantum mechanics and special relativity.

The recent discovery of the Higgs Boson, incorrectly named the God particle assuming that it would be responsible for attributing matter to bodies, this model explained the magnetic attraction of planets, light and the various forms and divided matter into many particles.

After the creation of the universe and its expansion certain laws developed bodies, planets and planetary systems in formation and decline, current studies show the development of stars comes from interstellar gas and cosmic dust and hydrogen that at low temperatures collapse and form molecules that give protostars, these under pressure and rotation form the stars.

In addition to our knowledge, this expanding universe acts in an often surprising way and today we know that not only what happens on the planet has internal but also external influences, solar flares and the approach of celestial bodies for example, in short we are a tiny grain of sand in a much more complex and wandering universe.

This entire celestial body acts with its own harmony and not necessarily as the current laws that we know are thought, so a surprise is always possible, for example, today we are looking for the ninth planet (Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet) that would have an orbit external to the our planetary system and would now be approaching the system, affecting for example the Kuiper Belt, and would have a translational orbit of 14,000 years and there would be other outer bodies of the Solar System.

Within this new logic of the universe, aorganic movements (from the inorganic to organic life) are not only possible but easily explainable, the environment around the biosphere is a living organism and it is within a larger universe and subject to its laws.

What happens in the human sphere also has its unstable and unbalanced balances, so it is no longer possible to think of everything as a “harmony”, in the Cartesian sense, but as what tends to favor the functioning of the universe as a whole and for the which forces tend to push before their own laws and determinations in human eyes may be divine wrath, or “perfect divine harmony”, but different from that explained as a clock movement.

So it is not a Kronos, but a Kairós, “opportune moment” or “right” in the divine perspective in which everything that is at odds collapses and that in human eyes is “wrath of God”, when in reality it is a correction of cosmos governed by its own laws.



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