Crisis, hypocrisy and clearing

14 Oct

Today, what you really are is worth very little, what matters more is personal marketing, the makeup that hides the defects of what the man really is, this is a consequence of the hiddenness of the Being.

So the concealment of the truth is the result of this concealment of the Being, not its cause, the thought goes in this direction because within each Being there is room for falsification, lying and hypocrisy.

So it is not the case of those who lie the most, it is the absence of a clearing where the conscience of each Being presents itself, and the leaven of the liars grew, as the biblical passage of Lk 12,1=2 “take care with the leaven of the liars”. Pharisees which is hypocrisy, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing hidden that will not be known.”

It is true that Heidegger’s category of “clearing” has a more general meaning, it involves the whole that is hidden within a Being, but for those who believe this whole is hidden in God, what we are in the divine heart, and even not believing this seems proper to modernity that does not see the whole.

The fragmentation of knowledge, the social division, the absence of transdisciplinary thinking led to a new type of occultism, one that specialized only sees the part and does not see the whole, even though quantum physics, the search for the infinite or finite universe ( looking for its edge) seen by James Webb, it is nature and within the Being that this whole inhabits and where the truth is hidden.

How it was hidden was the social fragmentation, the absence of communion, where the Whole is complete, the absence of transcendent Love (not that of idealistic subjectivity), where we are able to see the other.

We thus form a generation (in the sense of several since the last century) that became evil, selfish and individualistic, autophagic and exclusionary and unable to see the whole clearly.

It is true that divine justice is superior to human justice, but it does not ignore it, Jesus told a parable of a widow who goes to an unjust judge who then bothers him so much, he decides to stop having her bothering him anymore and “ don’t come and attack me”.

And Jesus explains the parable to the disciples (Lk 18:6-7): “And the Lord added: “Listen to what this unjust judge says. And will God not do justice to his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will it make them wait?” so we can also hope for earthly justice.



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