Happiness and values

04 Nov

Humanism in modernity was based on the separation between the subject and the objects, so all human subjectivity (it includes values ​​such as humility, compassion and tolerance, among others) is relegated to a sentimental plane and objectivity refers only to the which is material.

We post about humility, the humus from which life springs, tolerance for error from which forgiveness and change of course spring and from which the experience of each moment springs as if it were the last.

Happiness does not depend only on material things and not only psychologists who say this, doctors and some sociologists also defend the joy of living, in them there is real wisdom of life, apparently contradictory things such as happiness of the humble, of those who suffer, of those who hungers and thirsts for justice and for those who are persecuted for their beliefs and values.

In the biblical text, explaining that religion is a practice of values ​​that “reconnects” heaven and earth, so it is not from earth to heaven (a sublimation of values) nor from heaven to earth (as the spiritualists want), but of those who know and live the religious teachings, the greatest of them, Love.

This is what the biblical passage of the so-called “beatitudes” says (Mt 5:4-6): happy are the “afflicted, for they will be comforted, … the meek, for they will possess the earth.d those who hunger and thirst for justice, because will be satisfied” among other values ​​such as: happy those who are persecuted those who desire peace because they will be called children of God.

There is no contradiction between heaven and earth, it exists between those who are attached only to heaven (everything is on the subjective plane) or only to the earth (everything is on the plane of materiality), and the complement of the two depends on love, but also on hope and faith.

The Proclamation of the last happiness is indeed a beatitude, because few really have faith, says the passage (Mt 5,11-12) “Blessed are you, when they revile you and persecute you, and lyingly say all kinds of things. evil against you for my sake, rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.”



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