New Alert from Covid 19 and the war

14 Nov

The sudden increase in cases of Covid 19, in the new variant that we posted here last week BQ.1, made the authorities issue a new alert, and at first complete the vaccination especially for those who did not take the second booster dose, according to data from state secretariats would be 68 million people.

The use of masks in closed environments is also recommended again, as well as good social distancing, especially in the elderly and immunosuppressed.

The curve still points to a low number throughout the country moving average above 8 thousand cases, among public people in Brazil, reporter Galvão Bueno and singer Joelma were diagnosed with Covid 19, there are also reports of hospitalization cases, although experts say that the subvariant is weaker than the previous ones.

According to Fiocruz, the states most affected by the new wave are the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Amazonas, but there are already cases and practically all Brazilian states, abroad this wave had already been reported since October.

According to the area coordinator at Friocruz: “As laboratory data take longer to enter the system, it is expected that the number of cases in recent weeks will be greater than that observed in this update, and may even increase the number of states in such a situation. ”.

It is recommended to resume protective measures such as hand hygiene and use of a mask.

As we always post an overview of the war in Eastern Europe, whose concern grows with the arrival of winter, the important news of the week is the withdrawal of Russian troops in Kherson, but the difficulties of energy sources in Ukraine are increasing, after the Russian strategic bombings .

The idea of ​​some kind of agreement that could at least give a truce during the winter grows.



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