A good tree bears good fruit

16 Nov

The idea that it is necessary to disorganize to obtain a new order,is neither revolutionary nor democratic, it is a reflection of bad doctrine and bad theories, it is necessary to maintain a serene and peaceful path so that the fruits of a healthy and balanced society can be produced.

We are far from this, but the rupture can mean an even greater evil and we know that it is not just a matter of national values, but international ones, different names are given to this: the great reset, a new world order, crisis of capitalism or socialism (both have problems) and deep down it is a process of civilizing crisis.

What is this crisis, the one that several theorists and politicians pointed out in the past, the result of totalitarian and perverse theories of power, of the fragmentation of knowledge that does not see man as a whole, but in specific aspects and [and of course of unhealthy minds that lead society down tortuous paths.

Two wars, totalitarian regimes (not forgetting the dictatorships of Franco in Spain, De Gaule in France, Mussolini and Salazar), socialist revolutions, capital crises, sacrifices of the African colonies and Islamic radicalism in the Arab world.

The scenario can prepare the greatest of decoys if we do not pay attention to the fruits of those leaders who, even proposing peace, social harmony and the defense of the environment, prepare hidden and unconfessable interests behind the scenes.

The biblical parable of the servants who are left with values ​​to administer the goods of the owner who travels far away serves to identify the true good administrators through their fruits, says the passage after the owner praises the good administrators who have borne good fruits for the administration, says to the one who did nothing with what he was given to manage (Lk 19:22-23):

“ ‘You wicked servant, I judge you by your own mouth. You knew that I am a severe man, that I receive what I didn’t give and reap what I didn’t sow. So why didn’t you deposit my money in the bank? Upon arrival, I would withdraw it with interest”, it is not difficult to identify these bad administrators.

Of course, the biblical passage speaks of the spiritual life, but the lesson of material goods is still important, bad administrators lead to impoverishment and the loss of social gains.



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