If you want peace, collaborate with your values

20 Apr

There were not few tyrants who said that to keep the peace make war, this is very old that it will be difficult to determine its author, the contemporary philosopher Jean Paul Sartre said something important about this: “When the rich are at war, it is the poor who die”, would update there is no interest in the weakest when empires clash.

The book Art of War by Sun Tzu (5th century BC): “the true objective of war is peace” is already a paradoxical phrase, the three types of peace on this concept were historically unmasked: the pax Roman was submission of the vanquished, the Kantian Eternal Peace assumed an internal balance between the three republican powers, the balance between nations and respect for human rights, just look at the current international framework in which these assumptions were violated and did not guarantee peace. The third is the Peace of Westphalia (1648) of religious toleration

The phrase is also from Sartre: “you are never a man if you don’t find something for which you would be willing to die” and certainly for him it would not be war, perhaps something valued from Above, since he did not say “someone for whom you would be willing to die”. to die”.

We would be willing to die to ask for peace and sustainable progress for peoples, without values ​​that build this building, Edgar Morin says in a certain way even utopian, we cannot create a lasting and sustainable model of peace that does not place us in new crossroads and traps.

A utopia is achievable if we think that without it we are not treading a safe path, we are sitting on a powder keg, not only nuclear weapons, but also the number of nuclear power plants across the globe, more than 440, remember that Fukushima was a natural disaster and Chernobyl was a human oversight.

Thus, not only war, but also the development of technologies and equipment that were not created for destruction, but without really altruistic ethical, moral and social codes and values, we will not walk towards a lasting and safe peace, first it is necessary to defuse the bombs.

Do not feed any kind of hatred (where there are enemies on both sides), return to the serious discussion about weapons and the use of atomic energy, safe and durable environmental control, in short, the agenda is extensive for us to waste time with unproductive hatred and which works towards opposite.


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