Mercenaries, Intense Combat and the Threat of Peace

03 Jul

The war in Eastern Europe remains a center of concern for world peace, after some advances by the Ukrainian army, Russia again advanced in the east in combat described as “fierce” and slow advances by the Ukrainians in the south, but there are threats around Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, the Zaporizhzhia that still worry.

The debates around the Wagner group, their real objectives and the dangers for both the Russians and the West follow, since their methods and interests are ruthless and cruel, and thinking that they could have access to the nuclear arsenal makes the fact even more dangerous. .

The pope sends a bishop for talks with the Russian Orthodox Church, which can also be a mediator, since it has access to Putin and the religious dialogue between the churches can favor a future peace agreement.

The involvement of NATO and its European allies grows with each new step in the war, and now Russian Chancellor Lavrov has gone on to say that Zelensky is a puppet, which intensifies the confrontation with Europe and raises the level of tension.

Until the beginning of the European autumn (spring here in the south of the hemisphere) the war should remain intense, but with little advances from side to side, the problem with autumn there and the proximity of winter is that it becomes more strategic due to the climate, the dependency on energy and a growing difficulty in moving on the ground, until then a peace strategy is important.

The world is waiting for some truce, but the scenario is increasingly complex, since the West, through NATO, is increasingly involved in the conflict, while Russian contempt and cruelty towards Ukraine grows with each combat since the loss of life intensifies the climate of animosity and the economic situation deteriorates.

The world and people of common sense are waiting for peace, for a negotiated solution and the resumption of peaceful life in the region, which would also improve the human condition in the world.




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