Ukraine defends itself and Israel attacks

23 Oct

The two biggest war fronts in the world that threaten world peace, which could enter an even worse cycle, can be summarized as follows: Ukraine defends itself by responding to the only strong Russian advance in the town of Adviivka (photo) and bombing Russian military tactical airfields , while Israel attacks the Gaza strip and opens new fronts against Hezbollah and Syria.

American involvement is already total and unquestionable, which creates a global polarization, in which it could call Iran into the war in the Middle East, the sewing of peace treaties with the Arabs that was being made could fall apart and make the region the epicenter of a war.

Humanitarian forces finally managed to enter southern Gaza to send aid to Palestinian victims, Egypt and Israel finally agreed to open the border crossing at Raffah, which allows for both food and medical aid, but without any hint of peace.

Joe Biden’s flight to Israel helped this agreement, a delay after the explosion of a hospital in Gaza and the sending of more weapons makes its involvement in the war even more dangerous, in Europe there are fears of acts of terrorism, while Palestine, which is not Hamas, becomes the weak and victimized side of the war.

An escalation of the war in the Middle East is inevitable for now and a possible direct entry of Iran into the war, Hezbollah already at war with Israel is an ally and receives help from Iran, could give a dramatic turn to the conflict in the Middle East.

The world situation is getting worse, and despite apparent peace in the East, China and North Korea have conflicting interests with Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

The security council, which tried two peace motions for the Middle East, appears divided and unable to identify short-term solutions for this war.




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