As 4G worked in Confederation Cup

04 Jul

As expected there were many failures in communications and 4G data volume was late, the data in the World Cup final match Brazil vs Spain were 1.7 million mobile connections and more than 4.6 million data communications, including sending e-mails, photos and multimedia messages, with an average size of 0.5 MB.
Of total data communications in final match, about 4 million were on 3G and 650 000 by 4G networks, which results somewhere around 18%.

Cesar Alvarez, had gone to Rio de Janeiro to participate in a meeting of FIFA on telecommunications and even with Maracanã empty, failed to make a connection inside the stadium, and said that that day would have a meeting with the company to know what happened in the moments of concentration of people also were observed many flaws.
So he admitted that is not working as it should, but considering only the surroundings of the stadiums where companies that “whim” in image of this events, imagine what happens to the rest of the country.

The proposal of auction of LTE in the 2.5 GHz frequency predicted that 50% of the urban areas of the six host cities of the Confederations Cup would be covered from June 1, but did not.


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