The crowd, the clouds and institutions

19 Jul

The crowd is so common that people who now haveCloudCrowd effective mechanisms for communication and dissemination, not just those driven by the culture of mass communication of traditional media like newspapers, TV and cinema.

The clouds created and create services (apps, or applications) that enable the sharing of facts, photos and short videos of agreement can fall like the crowd the crowd or not, it is as if she were a publisher of information and news.

But these services are still centralized in tools and institutions, this may have privacy issues (there are tools) for this or security when the owners of the databases of the tools resolve to cooperate with the security mechanisms in general almost all states.

Other institutions may promote the privacy and security of your “people” or will be discontent and revolt from the crowd.

The privacity is problem of crowds and the security is problema of institutions.

The network has always been attentive, look up the protest scientific authors with publishers, and the movement of 14 years of free access (open access), see also the revolt of Instagram users when Facebook decided to change the term of use of this app of photos.

It’s a phrase influential book in American thought “Democracy in America”, written almost a century and a half (1835):

“It is evident that the race of american states men of  singularly smaller since half a century” (Alexis de Tocqueville, pg. 155, project brazilian edition of daily Folha de São Paulo).


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