The German Libreka and Amazon

31 Jul

Despite having been launched store in April this year in the most prosperousLibreka nation in Europe, many leaders of the German publishing industry were already planning to do against powerful German distributor of digital publications, sales of e-books have not taken off there like here in Brazil.

Unlike the American version of sales, the German publishing market still sells printed more than e-books, the German Kindle store, for example, only sells an e-book for every 100 printed books, a growth of only 0.5% of total book sales in the past year.

But the German market digital download is quite strong in terms of music, software and videos, e-books still represent only 5% of the transfers, according to market research firm GfK in Germany.

But one of the problems in Germany, claimed by readers, is the instant access to e-books is not always possible because many digital retailers do not offer a full set of titles in digital format in their catalogs.

The German rival comes Libreka since 2007 competing in this market, and the main platform for the Germans of ebooks, it also has a partnership with German publishers, the MVB (Publishers and Booksellers Association of Germany).



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