Big Data and Libraries

21 Aug

Technology Data Big Data is poised to revolutionize all aspects of human life and culture BigData3as people collect and analyze large volumes of data to predict behavior, problem solving, safety, and numerous other applications, is what ensures the site Christian Science Monitor.

The generation of large amounts of data is being driven by the increasing digitization of everyday activities and dependence on electronic devices of people who leave “fingerprints” concept that can be extended to trace “information”, since any object in any state conservation may contain “implicit” that is not yet in a suitable format.

The site CSMonitor cites a large data project which is a remarkable effort by the Library of Congress to archive millions of tweets per day, which can cost a lot of money for its historical value.

One example cited is the work of Richard Rothman, a professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, fundamental save lives.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta predict flu outbreaks, and does so through the reports from hospitals.

But it took weeks, in 2009, appeared a study where researchers could predict outbreaks much faster through the analysis of millions of Web searches, queries made ​​as “My son is sick” and could learn a flu outbreak long before the CDC knew the reports of hospitals.

But the technologies of large volumes of data also has a boundary claim, in which technology is perceived potential distruir privacy, encourage inequality and promote government surveillance of citizens or others in the name of national security, how to reconcile these two trends ?



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