Mobiles brazilian operators have not reached the goals

30 Aug

Two  proposed by the Anatel for at least 95% in this indicator. company that regulates the activity of cellular companies in Brazil, Tim reached 89.51% in the rate of instantaneous transmission (upload speed and download accurate at the time of Internet use by the user) already Vivo got 93.55%.

The goals were related to mobile broadband.Anatel

Vivo claimed: ” systemic problems limited the number of measurements [the Anatel], which reduced the statistical validity of the data collected and made two results got too close to the rates set by the regulator. ”

Tim already said in a statement that “as compared to the instantaneous transmission rate, the company achieved the target in all states assessed, except in São Paulo, but clarifies that it is investing constantly focusing on development and optimization of their network.”

And now I can pay only 90% of the amount charged by the service provider?


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