Use of computers in the classroom

02 Sep

The discussion about the good and bad use ofTablet computers in the classroom is old but in brazilian city Maceio´s discussion took a new direction in terms of a kind of agreement between teachers and students, as write  news portal G1.

There a group of students from the 2nd year of high school in Maceió, started using mobile phones, tablets and social networks as allies seek to exchange content and information on the topics of the classroom.

According to testimony by Matheus Borges, 16, and Maria Julia, 16 explained their preferences: “When we go to write a text, prefers to use the computer. It is easier to type on the keyboard because it goes faster. Besides which, when we study or do some work, have the ability to use content more interactive, “said students reporting portal.

Already a librarian Jaqueline Silva Verçosa told that the technology part of everyday life of children and adolescents did not alter the motion of the library, which has a project for students to not untie the books and to encourage students to grade 5 read more.
In his statement he said: “The use of books is important for them to continue reading and improving writing. Proof that they like is that students always wanting to participate, but it takes discipline. “


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