Sales of tablets grow in Brazil

20 Sep

The institute IDC Brazil, selling tablets in the second quarter of this year in the country soared reachingtablets a growth rate of 151% over the same period last year.

Compared to notebooks data already approaching, April-June, the tablets reached 35% of the total while the notebooks had 38% of sales in the quarter and 27% were desktops.

As for operating systems, 95% of tablets sold are Androids, and equipment priced up to R$ 500 (U$ 230), had 55% of the total, showing a drop in price, since the same period in 2012, the ceiling price was R$ 628 (U$ 300).

The expected tablet sales in the Brazilian market in 2013 is estimated gora up with an expectation of 7.2 million units, 120% more than 2012.

In total, Apple has sold 14.6 million iPads in the country, but the fall of this year of 14%, shows that the Androids must overcome the total number of equipments of the enterprise Apple.



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