Device cell with smell

21 Oct

Some years ago the Japanese discovered that it was possible to transmit smell, turned intoOScientee sound waves , the device now , called Scentee , the iPhone is connected to vent odors triggered by a command cell as the BBC news .

But this will not be as magical as well , for this the Scentee have a set of special cartridges with special odor , that when combined create other smells , and the promise is that the device will be released in Japan next month .

The computer teacher at City University London Adrian Cheok , who work in the development of the equipment said : ” If you’re in a good mood and wants to send a nice message for your friend , you can send with a perfume” , but added ” it is also possible send a stinky gas , if you had a bad day , “he says .

As explained Cheok device should have other applications in the future , for example , send a message ” but with a smell along .”

The idea is to transmit smells old , in the 1960s , a system called Smell- O-Vision was created to emit odors during the presentation of a film , but this project did not prosper and eventually abandoned



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