Moto G, it Moto X cheap

05 Nov

The company created a website “teaser” special for the launch of the Moto G, and the users who sign up will know more about the Moto GMotoG and will accompany the launch live on November 13, Wednesday Monday.

The bet is an inexpensive device whose processor is speculated to be a quad-core Snapdragon CPU with 1.2 GHz and 8 GB of internal memory.

The camera has 5 Mpixel resolution, but all of these data are still speculative, the screen may be 4.5 “1280×720, using Gorilla Glass.

Rumors arose because in September, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and Brazilian Anatel had already approved a new device from Motorola called DVX, in three versions: XT1032, XT1033 and XT1035.

But Brazilian Anatel approved only the first two smartphones in this line.



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