Windows 8.1 is released free

20 Nov

As the Microsoft , the Windows version 8.1 RT is available for free download , although the site itself know that a small number of user Surface tablet (according to site 1 problem in 1000) have found a problem installing this device .

The previous version called Preview no longer be available after January says the site , but there are few changes from this version , and the interface impacts some users because it does not have major changes , an already experienced by users is the integration with SkyDrive , which is very good.

The library of documents , pictures , music and videos are not gone , just not apparent , but you can through the Navigation Panel to make it visible (see aside).

The famous ( and somewhat uncomfortable ) buttons in the sidebar on the right side , the five buttons , “Search ” , ” Share ” , ” Start” , “Devices ” and ” Settings.” Where the most important is the latter, which leads to a new sidebar with several sets of settings to change the behavior and appearance of the interface, but it is certain that most users will not move it.

The old Start button , now reappears in the lower left corner of the desktop , where it was since Windows 95, but does not call the old Start menu is just a shortcut to the home screen , the new interface called Metro .

But if you think getting nasty walking the mouse pointer until you find the exact corner where he opens the bar , you can open it directly with the shortcut “Windows C ” , but setting there is a way to open it , any triggering of a their functions buds combining with some Windows key with the character ” S ” to “Search ” , ” H ” to ” Share ” button to pure Windows ” Start” ( which leads to the Start screen ), “K” to “Devices ” and  “I” to” Settings”, with some frequency of use, you will have to memorize.



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