Software that helps scientific mining

30 Nov

Jaron Lanier wondered about consciousness and about the linguistic possibilities of computing CognitiveColloquiumas a musician thought in music , but as a researcher can think of the possibilities of support for scientific research , as was done at Baylor College of Medicine in collaboration with IBM .

According to a report in MIT Technology Review website, a software that reads more than 60 000 jobs, can assist in data findings across these studies .

The software parses sentences in the documents, and could build a new understanding of the known enzymes are kinases that are important for cancer treatment .

By analyzing this enzyme , the software it produced a list of other proteins that although the literature mention probably are not discovered kinases , but based on what he already knew , can they be identified .

The software was made in IBM Almanden Colloquium : the cognitive enterprise , on the 19th of November.

Most of his predictions tested so far resulted correct , according to researchers, usually in research spending could reach $ 500 million and $ 1 billion to develop a new drug , and 90 percent of the drugs tested to will never market, says Ying Chen , IBM researcher .


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