New version of Kindle Paperwhite

13 Dec

Since Wednesday ( 11/12 ) the new version of Kindle Paperwhite reader is on sale at AmazoKindleFiren online store in Brazil and in several resales various points of malls and stores authorized.

Battery With high durability , range of up to eight weeks of regular reading and weighing only 213 grams and a faster processor , the new version has screen with higher contrast and LED lighting, has Wi – Fi connection and memory that can store up to 1000 books .

Now the device is connected to the Wikipedia dictionary and also the X- Ray , plus a quick reference of vocabulary terms learned while reading .

The Wi – Fi with 3G version comes with free 3G internet plan.

But the launch is a contrast with the overseas release of the new Kindle Fire tablets HDX , with a 7 inch screen and another with 8.9-inch screen, lighter and more powerful than the previous generation of Kindle HD , and come with storage capacities of 16 GB , 32 GB and 64 GB .

In the online store Amazon in Brazil has 400,000 eBook titles.


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