All books digitalized in Norway

17 Dec

The news worried the publishing market, but Norway aims by 2020 to provide all the LibraryNorwayworks that are available in the country , and made an audacious plan to the Norway National Library.

Also the books that are in other languages ​​will be scanned, and the national control can be done through the IP (Internet Protocol on the computer) that is on your computer , this means that if you are in Norway can access the scanned books there and download, even though they have copyrights.

In other countries for selective access, i.e. e-books that are already free to download, can be accessed by page.

There are already cases of mass digitization in the UK and Finland , but Norway did something extra to make agreements with many publishers to allow any person with an IP address in Norway accessing a copyrighted material .

The library has equipment for scanning and analyzing text structure of the books . It will also include the addition of metadata and storing files in a database for easy retrieval , according to The Verge site .


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